Monday, May 28, 2012

My Baby's Not a Baby Anymore

Yesterday this little man turned two. He had a fun little family party, got his own Mickey Mouse cake (it didn't turn out too bad, huh!), and got to eat his own mini ice cream cone. In his car seat. Which makes it infinitely cooler.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer's Comin'

So it's been a while. Again. Sorry. I've been busy though. Here's a summary of recent and upcoming weeks:

- About 10 weddings

- Both kids throwing up

- Tommy graduates from half day kindergarten (but will go back for another week)

- Ty will turn 2

- My 11th piano recital

- I've started a part-time job working for A Women's Pregnancy Center and marketing them to college campuses here in town

- Vacation next week

- New delicious meal plans (more about that later I'm sure)

- Tommy's beginning to ride his bike

- City Church Easter at the Civic Center!

I'll be back with more pictures, recipes, ideas, stories, etc. Don't worry!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Round Here

Well it's been six weeks since my last post. And I suppose it's been a little busy. Here's what it's been like 'round here in a nutshell:

- My pumpkin carving was a success. I bought and carved it the night before Halloween and it had begun to rot two days later. Just when you're supposed to throw it away anyway.

- A mild version of the stomach bug passed through our house... twice. It wasn't until the second time around that I realized it was actually some sort of a bug. I then proceeded to bleach every non-porous surface and we've been bug free since then.

- Dean and I each had birthdays. We celebrated Dean's birthday at Shula's for the free birthday entree deal. We were planning on doing the same for mine but due to the aforementioned stomach bug, I threw up moments before we were supposed to leave for the restaurant. Good times.

- We had family pictures taken by the amazing Jennifer Powell. It was my dream come true. Dean, Tommy, and Ty would have rather been, well, anywhere else, but they did it because they love me. And when we got that CD back, we were all really thankful!

- We made the trek to Fort Lauderdale for Thanksgiving with my family. The 7 hour drive there took 11 hours because of multiple potty breaks and crazy traffic. But the boys slept the last 4 hours, so that was good. We had a great time with my family and Tommy got to go to his first UM football game. It took two pretzels and a souvenir drink or two, but he stayed for the whole game.

- The fourth annual Inserra family Christmas decorating party happened the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I made a few pots of chili and about 15 people came by to eat and put an ornament or two on our tree. Very fun tradition. The boys even got to stay up past bedtime to help and hang out.

- I agreed to play piano for four events in an eight day span. Not my wisest move, but so far my "Christmukkah" party went great and Christmas on the Moon was beyond incredible. Tomorrow I'll be the accompanist for Tommy's school Christmas program and then my recital is on Sunday. Whew!

- After attempting to spank Ty for his deliberate hitting and biting and simply being laughed at in return, I decided to give the whole time-out thing another go. It was a miserable failure with Tommy and I swore it would never work on an Inserra child. But not so for Ty. In an act of sheer desperation, I put him in the corner near his bedroom one night after a hitting and biting incident and he sat there. He just cried and looked at me and sat there until I got him up. Then when he attempted to bite Tommy later, I threatened another time out and he stopped and walked away. We have success!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekend Musings

- The streak lives. I cannot get through a wedding without crying during the mother/son dance. That started when we attended Todd and Judi Doss's wedding the weekend after we found out Tommy was going to be a boy. That was 5 1/2 years ago. And I don't even have to know the couple getting married! Today Dean performed a wedding and I just met the couple yesterday and yes, I cried during the mother/son dance. I know it's ridiculous.

- I love getting the paper delivered to our house on the weekends. It makes me feel like a grown-up. And I get to play a fun little game with myself where I hurry outside and pick up the paper as fast as I can and hope no other neighbors come outside at the same time so they won't see me in my jammies. 

- Thanks to my wonderful in-laws letting the boys have a slumber party at their house last night, I woke up this morning and the sun was up. That's the first time this has happened in many months. And it was everything I dreamed it would be.

- Halloween is on Monday and we haven't had our annual pumpkin carving night, where I spend 2-3 hours painstakingly carving an intricate design on a pumpkin that will most likely rot in the next 48-72 hours. Heck, we didn't even buy a pumpkin! I feel awful about that! But I have to admit it's nice to not have a rotten stinky pumpkin sitting on my doorstep.

- Dean and I have been out on the town quite a bit in the last few weeks. And I still have yet to have my ID checked. I know I'm less than a month away from 30, but seriously??? Please just humor me next time and pretend you're not going to let me in unless I can produce a valid driver's license.

- I love Sundays. I look forward to them all week. I think everyone in my house does, except for Ty who hasn't yet learned to read a calendar. Either way, we all love Sundays because we love our church. And that makes me really happy!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Has Anyone Ever Done This?

Yesterday I did something completely irrational and not very me-like. I'd like to blame it on age (I'm less than six weeks from being 30!) or just getting too little sleep. But in reality, I can only blame it on one thing: a complete lack of trust in the God that I follow.

I had just finished teaching a piano lesson. Dean had the boys and they were making their weekly visit to Leon football practice. My next lesson had just cancelled so I had a 30 minute break. At 4:30 I heard my phone buzzing and answered it just a half second too late so I missed the call. I looked at it and realized I'd missed two calls in a row from this person. She is a friend of mine, but we never talk on the phone so missing two calls back to back is certainly odd. That's usually what people do when there's something wrong: keep calling until someone finally answers. I thought about what she might want and then it dawned on me that she lives next door to Leon High School, where Dean and the boys were. And my mind went to the next logical conclusion: something terrible had happened to them.

I called Dean and there was no answer. I hung up and called again. Still no answer (disclaimer: Dean is really good at answering his phone, way better than me, and so if he doesn't answer on the second or third ring, you can assume he's in a ditch somewhere... or that he's left his phone in the car).

At this point I'm feeling physically ill. I'm panicked and praying, asking God to protect my family and tell me what to do while I wait to hear from somebody. I knew the best thing to do was wait and pray. So I did. For about 45 seconds. Keep in mind it was only 4:33 at this point. Only 3 minutes had passed and already I was assuming the worst. Then I decided that it was better for me to just drive to Leon and see for myself what awful thing had happened. So I got in the car, called my next piano lesson and explained that I may be late.

When I explained that I was going to Leon because I felt like something horrible had happened, I realized that this may be a bit irrational. But I kept driving because I guess you could say the mama bear instinct had fully kicked in (and I refused to wait and be patient). And kept calling Dean and Beth (the one who had originally called me). Then I began calling anyone who might have heard from Dean or who would be somewhere around the school and could just look out a window and let me know things were alright. I was planning to tweet "In a total panic because I don't know where my husband and children are! Reply if you know anything about their situation!" at the next stoplight (because I don't text while driving and neither should you!).

Instead, when I got to the next stoplight, my phone rang. It was Dean. I figured he was calling me from the ambulance. Nope, he was calling from the football field. I could hear Tommy and Ty running around near him. He apologized for missing my call and said he kept trying to call me but my phone kept going to voice mail. Perhaps this was because I was in the process of calling everyone I knew. I turned around and headed back home, grateful I had left the house in a panic for nothing. And realizing how much easier the last 20 minutes would have been if I had any faith at all in God. But thankful that He would continue to teach me how to do so.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Things I'm Looking Forward To

1. The smell of cinnamon everywhere I go

2. Sprinkling cinnamon in my coffee. I know I can do it year round and it's very healthy, but it's so much more fun in fall!

3. Great oatmeal concoctions. A bowl of oatmeal is incredibly boring without lots of fun things in it! Seasonal fruits, nuts, and dried yummy things make it delicious... add a splash of almond milk and it's heaven in a bowl.

4. Leaving the AC off.

5. Football. Contrary to what Dean may say, I actually do enjoy football.  Even more so when it's not 95 degrees outside. I just don't feel the need to watch it for 12 hours straight. But believe it or not, I do have ESPN radio on my presets in my car. Just sayin'.

6. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I actually don't care for them that much but knowing that they're only around for a couple months makes me crave them. Call it peer pressure, I guess.

7. An hour less of daylight makes an early bedtime so much easier.

8. Getting to bust out some fall clothes. I happen to love camel and boots make me smile :).

9. Baking cookies. Need I say more?

10. Christmas is right around the corner!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Soccer's Here!

 While Dean may or may not refer to it as a Communist Sport, Tommy has officially begun soccer season. And yes, Dean is coaching.  We had a special treat this week as his Aunt Sarah (former soccer superstar... still a superstar in our book) was the guest coach!  Here are some of the finer moments.

They all ran in a big pack wherever the ball went.  Gotta love the girl in the back running the other way.

No game is complete without a "Go Lions!" cheer (yes, Dean arranged for our team to be the Lions)

Interestingly enough, this is Ty's expression in 98.7% of the pictures we have of him